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New Groundbreakers + new camera = ??

Here's my first collection update of 2012! Woo! I've added four new Groundbreakers to the roster and a nice new camera to take pictures of them with!

All my Groundbreakers! I didn't take the first or third sets out for photos today - this post is 100% Groundbreakers, 100% of the time, yeah, let's go!

Anyway, those four up the front are my newest additions! All from trades with white_chocobo actually! Who is in Peru! What were y'all doing in Peru!?

They refuse to tell me. :C

Noctowl was the first! I traded a Lairon Groundbreaker TFG for it, I think? Those were a nerve-wracking few weeks as I mailed off my half and hoped to high heaven that this white_chocobo person I'd never heard of before was legit. :D;; Didn't help that mail from Peru is extra slow for no good reason! But in the end I have this beautiful Noctowl TFG I always wanted but could never ever track down!

He's a little scratched up but I am so so so happy to have this rare bastard! Noctowl was one of my absolute top wants - I have a soft spot for birds, especially owls - especially poke-owls.

Armaldo! Another favourite! Originally, white_chocobo was going to trade me a beat up (missing a leg and back fin) Armaldo for one of the rarer non-Groundbreaker TFG (Magnemite, for those curious) - but then out of the blue he found ANOTHER Armaldo - one that was missing a leg. :D;; So he sent me both and I was able to perform some surgery to get one whole Armaldo TFG. xD I always feel extra attached to figures I've had to put some work into and this guy already had a GREAT pose so now he's definitely in my top 5!

How great is this running pose? So great! I took way more pictures of Armaldo than any other figure...

Aaand I like this one because it looks like he is pegging a rock at you. W-what a jerk! But he knows I love him and thus he can get away with pretty much anything.

PS. Here is a spooky Armaldo. Reason #19523243 to love Armaldo: crazy eyes.

And spooky Spinarak! Appropriate! I took more pics of Spinny but this came out by far the best so this is what you get.

Ditto for Xatu. Xatu has a bit of a boring pose for a TFG tbh... but hey, it's Xatu! Who doesn't like Xatu?? Weird...totem pole...bird.....psychic.......thing.............

Yeah, I love him, man!

And now here is some pics of other Groundbreakers just because new camera okay:

Dat face. Grr!

To finish this post, someone who is not angry! But she is self-absorbed. Don't be fooled!

Groundbreakers! Yeah!

Unrelatedly, while I'm here, I'm still looking for some charms, or people to trade charms with when wave three is in!

Linoone, Magikarp/Shinykarp, Butterfree, Kabuto, Lileep, Piloswine, Wartortle, Shelmet, Gallade

Pikachu, Charmander, Porygon, PorygonZ

Karrablast, Armaldo, Wailmer

I dunno what I am going to do with my hordes of charms yet... Right now I'm hanging them off my plush net in chains, which is fun but kinda pointless! I want to wear them and show my nerd pride! I tried making a charm bracelet but it turned out too bulky for my tastes. :C Back to square one!
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