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Collection update, kinda re-intro plus collection weeding :D

Hello Everyone!

After some time of lurking i thought that i should post a charming collection update, plus a re-intro and a collection weeding should be applied aswell sadly...

So first things first collection update time :D

Chaarrmmmmss :DDDDD
I must note really image heavy...

Fangphlosion :D

I actually gave Houndour to my best friend, she doesn't like pokemon but adores puppies and skulls so i thought it would be perfect for her :D Well she adored it :D

Also i gave this Flareon away to my mom.

Joltteeooon :D He is so perfect! i just adore this charm, i really do. I usually wear him as a necklace. And actually he brought me luck when the first time i wore it. Extremely surprising thing happened, but that's another story and not really related to pokémon.

And these precious little guys! They are soo cute :D Electrike is so small ^^

Fangdoom is also pretty much cute XD

Leafeon :D Another eevelu cutie XD

They are currently residing on my phone :D

Eeveecharm from Pokébox

Unova starter mirror from Pokébox aswell :)))

Really i was surprised that what could that parcel be? Well i was so happy when i finally got these awesome stuff :D
They are so cute and useful :D

Bootiemin and Nayo the legitmin. As you can see there are some differences, like Bootiemin is chubbier, has harder stuffing, and the material is different, she is not that soft as Nayo. Also Bootiemin doesn't have the petal scarf, but she doesn't faceplant :D

Also if anyone has any ideas how to name Bootiemin, i'd really much appreciate it ^^ 

Other part of my collection is here. Mostly the figures and 2 friends plush. Modified Skymin Skye, and ultra loved laying Pichu and finally Majess the Jolty. 

Close up on the Jolties.

And the rest of my plushie, which are currently with me. From left to right the names would be, Doru he was my biggest want a year back i'm ultra happy to have him, Blacktail aka Charitybu , Zoruarua just Zorua :D Bootie Jirachi :D Talky Tsu without the voice box though.. i left that at home, No name Bootiemin, and Nayo my first official pokedoll :D

I also must not that i have my rest of my plushies at home, back in Hungary. As for an explanation i'm a University student currently living in Finland in a student apartment with a roommate. Also my apartment where i live is purely international. Really it is, we are from 3 totally different countries and actually totally from different sides from the world. For example my best friends here are from different countries and neither is from Hungary XDXD So let's just say it's purely fun to have this amount of international people around you. Even my bf is not from Europe. 
If someone would be interested in my previous re intro post, which i'm kinda lazy to rewrite it can be found here :

And lastly the sad part of collection weeding...

 ~ sales permission granted 04/24/11 by denkimouse
~prices are in USD .
~i'm shipping from Finland, and i ship worldwide.
~i'll try to ship asap and i'll let you know when did i ship your item out. 
~i don't take responsibility for the package once i shipped it. 
~prices don't include shipping unless stated otherwise.
~i only accept paypal 
~feel free to haggle.
~i might accept trades i collect jolteon, skymin, raikou, manectric, houndoom.
~serious buyers only, please don't back out or i'll leave you negative feedback.

Zoroark Banpresto hag tag deattached, but i still have it $5

Zoroark McDonalds toy $2

Feebas Chou get $1

Thanks for reading ^^

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