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Dana [AKA Juuchan]

Collection Update - Lots of Great Gets!

Okay, so I really went a bit shop-crazy in December and after my birthday in January... and because everything isn't in yet, here's most of my gets since my last update! It's long overdue, but I'm thinking about making these updates once a month, depending on the amount of gets arrive...

So without any further delay, let's see what's new this time around!

[Warning: Very image-heavy! Be careful, my dial-up friends!]

Quick Note: I apologize for using my sketchbook as a backdrop for most of these. Once I clean up some more, this will definitely change!

Uxie Canvas! To be honest, this is my first honest-to-gosh Japanese plush, so I sorta feel like I'm a real Pokemon collector now! Hooray! I guess all I need now is a Pokedoll and it'll be official? Hehe. [Thank you, gsc_fanboy!]

Dot Promo badges! [Thank you, tamago226 and mizuhokusanagi for hosting the GB!]

Sticker sheets! So much Pika...! [Thank you, cardwhale!]

Azelf & Phione Kids and Mesprit Chou Gets! [Thank you, eledora! The Phione and Azelf doodles were so cute~<3]

Mesprit & Azelf Jakks figures! [Thank you, couchpotatonet!]

Battle Frontier Promo Set! [Thank you, blackjackrocket!]

The inside pieces and the VIP card! [Too bad the site's not around anymore... wah, I got into Emerald too late, didn't I?] Yay, it's about the Braaaaaaains~<3

Rawr, supa shiny Rayquaza tin~!

And yay for bonus candy! The gum's actually pretty good... I had no idea what it was until I tried it.

Pokedex 3D tee...

...and Zeky & Reshi pins! [Thank you, hyper_potion! Just got it on Monday!]

Speaking of tees... here's some new ones I've gotten over the past couple of months! Strange how I'm just getting into the shirts now...

I love my Unova starter shirts - the newest is the boxed one with Pikachu. I just wish Tepig had differing poses.

...Wah, this one doesn't fit me, but it sure is cute~ [May or may not be up for trade...]

This one has so many other Pokemon, including the starters and Pikachu, so it's hard not to like it!

Thanks so much for looking! I can't wait to show you more... that is, once they get here... but I do have a quick question for the comm! [as if this post isn't long enough already - my bad..!]

I'm thinking about finally buying my first Pokedoll on the comm [I have looked on eBay, but I trust buying from you guys a lot more!], but I'm not sure which one I should get. I like a lot of different Pokemon, but I want my first to be a special Pokemon or at least one that means something to me. [Unfortunately, they never made Swablu or any of the Lake Trio into Pokedolls yet... ;_;] Anyone have any recommendations for a Pokedoll newbie... and what was your first Pokedoll?

Thanks for all of your help!

- Juuchan
Tags: azelf, canvas, mesprit, phione, rayquaza, reshiram, uxie, zekrom
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