samurwatt (samurwatt) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Oversized groudon pokedoll versions?

So I searched the net and couldn't find much info about the oversized groudon pokedoll at all, let alone that it had two releases. I took some pics in hopes of more info about them:

So yeah! Looking for any info about these guys, i read one year was released as a new years giveaway at the pokemon center?

The differences are pretty subtle, but 2003 is fatter all around and has a bigger head comb than 2004. 2004 also has smaller spikes but that might be due to wear >w<

Both say the same thing on the tag minus the years. And i'm sorry that's a terrible pic DX I tried i swear lol


Happy valentines day from the grumpy lobsters!
Tags: groudon
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