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Quick Pichu Wants & Now Sales!

I will be leaving for Sacramento tomorrow morning so I won't be responding to messages until I come home on Sunday!
Edit: Just kidding. It turns out that the hotel had free wi-fi for once.

So I've decided that I'm not going to hide my love for the Pichu Bros. any longer. I want to start collecting merch of them! So of course, number one on my wants is
1:1 Tufty Pichu! I've actually been wanting one of these guys for a really long time, but either I'm too slow to comment to buy one, or it turns out to be an auction(I really like to avoid those when possible. I'm not the competitive type.) I'm looking to pay $60 shipped for one or around that price if possible. I'm also open to trades/partial trades! Found one~! but now I need funds. XD
So that means...Sales!

Here's my very small permanent sales:

Link to my rules:

Feel free to make offers!
Since I can't go back to a post office for a few weeks, I'll only be shipping to the US for this post! Sorry for the inconvenience! This also means tracking is also not possible since I'll be sending items from a CVS Pharmacy again. D:

*Tomy Talking Cyndaquil(Speaks Japanese. Says 10 different things! Has tush tag and is minty without box): $40 shipped

*Tomy Talking Gizamimi Pichu(Also says 10 different things~ Has tush tag and is mint without box): $45 shipped(Her ears are huge) Sold!

*Ichiban Kuji Shaymin Land/Sky forme bowl(Is made of glass. Makes a cute decoration. As for size, I'd say you could fit like two scoops of ice cream in it if you wanted. It's mint with box): $20 shipped(It's a bit heavy and will need a box with protection in it.) Sold!

Shaymin Land Forme Pokemon Center Charm: $10 shipped Sold!

*Christmas Charm set from 2011(Mint without plastic but still has the backing) I can take a picture if needed. I thought I had one on hand, but I don't. All the charms are mint(This set includes Pikachu, Snivy, Oshawott, and Tepig): $12 shipped Sold!

Talking Zorua Keychain(Has tush tag only): $15 shipped Sold!
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