Tits McGee (aleyina) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Tits McGee

Valentine gift!

I received my Secret Valentine's gift a couple days ago! They really did their research by looking at my past posts and my wants list on my private journal. They got me all things I didn't have and still really wanted! I am so happy with it all! <3 It's perfect! They also got my Shinx bug back so I need to add a wants at the end of this to finish that collection! :DD

[info]tsuki_no_eifie!! Thank you so much! You did a great job picking for me.

They made me a beautiful card. Drew Victini on it and had a very sweet message inside. Love the envelope too! Everything came wrapped up in tissue paper all nice and neatly :) The candy in the tin is gone haha. I was so excited when the pan stickers fell out! My Victini collection is so close to being done now! *hugs*

Also got my GA item from pantherotter. She gave me a Charizard kid I was looking for and an awesome doodle! <3 Don't you just love the bow she gave him? :D

Thank you to the mods who planned this and to everyone in the community who made this a success! :) This was a lot of fun!


Clipping figure and kid! *stole pic from denkimouse cause I am a petty thief mwahahahah*
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