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Introduction C:

Hi everyone C:
well, I guess I should introduce myself.. well, my name is Beth, and I'm a huge Pokémon fan! h.h I have been watching it since I first saw it on Cartoon Network when I was four, and have been in love with it ever since! I currently have a few plush and a huge Pikachu pillow! C: and a few other bits and pieces.. I hope to get to know everyone and become apart of the community, and make a few friends along the way! well.. I'm not sure what else to write.. so I'll post a few photos, sorry for bad quality.. haha I took the photos on my DSI XL ^,^"

I'm not sure what you class as image heavy.. but there are a fair few photos

lets start with a few plush!

I have had these guys for a while now, I got plusle for Christmas one year from my father, and I'm not sure where I got my PIkachu or Treecko from.. :/ it's been that long xD

these are some newer ones n.n I got zoura and minccino from the show, they are both made by benson? and the shaymin I also got from the show a few years ago, I was so excited to have a shaymin plush that I carried it around with me everywhere CX
my electronic pikachu has been through alot, the white part on his eyes wore off :-( (did anyone else have this problem?) so I had to repaint them.. I dont think I did a too bad of a job ;p

I just got these guys a few days ago! I love them so much 8-8
I think Glaceon may be a bootie.. I brought him from china on ebay.. and a few days after I brought him I stumbled across this site and read about a bootie glaceon like mine.. but the tush tag seem like a real one and the only problem with him is that his ears have a plastic/cardboard bit in it that is broken.. he came in a bag sealed.. but no hang tag?
My Dialga is 12" or 16" tall.. sorry I'm not really sure how to convert cm into inch.. fail xD 
oh! I brought my first plush from Japan! my UFO blastoise he is the cutest! and his tag was in great condition!

not very good quality photo ;/ but yes, it is awesome h.h

I just brought this little guy two days ago for $10! ( from I guess you could say the Australian version of Craigs List, GumTree ) and he just arrived in the mail today~
he is in mint condition (except he didnt come without a hang tag or original packaging)

the sender also enclosed a suprise! pokemon stickers!.. that look a bit funny.. you can tell they arent offical, but they are still cute :3

just a few random bits and pieces~

stationary that came in a showbag :D

my completed stadium 'action 3d's" book :3
a minun disc shooter from Mc Donald's
and I was suprised at easter time a few years ago.. at K-mart I came across these tins filled with milk chocolate easter eggs! score! and there were also suprise eggs with pokemon pencil toppers in it! I have clefairy one my cousin gave to me as an easter present :3

am I the only one who misses pikachu being chubby? :/ I loved it when he was chubby and super cute! (he still is C: )
but the pikachu figure came ontop of a gumball machine I had when I was younger which came in a showbag.. the machine broke and I couldn't throw the pikachu that was sitting on it away :'C
oh! and the beados pichu I made ehe :3

my finger puppets! heracross and dialga are diffintely my favourites :D

aww winking eevee!

some Jakks figures.. I couldnt get mew to sit D;

my wailmer and squirtle totem pole stackers! I got them in year 4 from my principal for cleaning up the school, and my bulbasaur flip coin :3

Thank-you for looking! I hope to make a lot of new friends and maybe one day be able to sell and trade with everyone! :3
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