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Secret Valentine Get 2012 Staring The One And Only Pickles!

I got my Secret Valentine this week!! So, I decided it was time for a photo story staring the one and only Pickles! There are many new members in the community now, so maybe I should take this time to quickly reintroduce Pickles to everyone?! A fellow community member was doing a PokeDoll run to Nintendo World in 2009. For some reason, I was compelled to ask them to get me a Giratina Origin PokeDoll, though I did not collect Giratina at the time!

On March 25th a package appeared in my mailbox, from the moment I opened it and saw Pickles I knew she was special. Not only is Pickles my travel buddy but every time I look at her, I am reminded of our many adventures. Pickles has also appeared in a few photo stories that I have put together and shared here in the community. Here is a link to one of my favorites:

Legs in Love?!

Now to the point of this post! A couple of days ago, a mysterious packaged showed up in my mailbox.

Somehow, Pickles managed to get to the mail before I! Just look at that, Pickles did not even bother checking who the package was for before she ripped into it! Such a rotten little worm...

Over the years, Pickles' ego has gotten a little to big. So, whenever a package appears she automatically assumes it is for her and from an admirer! This package was obviously no different...

For those wondering, Periwinkle is the name of my BLS custom Purugly PokeDoll!

I wonder when Pickles will figure out that the package was not for her?!

Nice try Pickles...XD

I would like to say thank you to my secret Valentine, godudette! Your package really made my day...:3

While I am on the Secret Valentine subject, for the exchange I got the wonderful 3kame. They absolutely loved what I sent, a Torkoal sculpture that I made. As a way to say thanks 3kame sent me a really nice card that they made:

I really enjoyed everything about this exchange and I would like to give thanks to those who worked hard putting it together! I hope that the community will hold another in the future...;)

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