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Lugia Want + Turned multipost!! 2009 Charms are here!!!

I did a post like this about a 2 months ago and have since found and bought 5/8 of my wants.
The quest for this Shadow Lugia plush continues. :)

I already have the 2009 red tag version.

I am wanting the 2005 Japanese pre-order plush still!

The tag looks like this;

Please let me know if you guys have one. Last one that was sold in the comm less than a year ago sold for $40 shipped.
I paid $36 shipped for the 2009 US red tag version.
I'm willing to pay $50-$55 shipped. Must be MWT. (I'm a VERY anal collector) also the tag HAS to be factory attached. I despise my tags being taken off.

:D Thank you guys! I have faith that this comm will bring me closer to my lugia lovin'!


Ok the 2009 charms weren't supposed to be here until next week!!
Unfortunately that also means I can only send Tailglow's out tomorrow since I do not have the bubblemailers.
If you DO want me to send them out tomorrow and do not mind me recycling old bubble mailers I will add a pokemon card or two in there to even out the price from what you paid. :) Let me know!!

Look how pretty they are!!

^Havvaiibabe's charms ^

*Areica96 charms^

I ONLY opened mine. If you do want a picture of yours LET ME KNOW! I will open and upload a picture or two for you guys! (The letters symbolize the pokemon inside them!)

EDIT: Tailglow, Havvaiibabe, Wutastic and Areica96 your packages are in the mail and will be sent out at 12pm MST time!!
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