knuclear200x (knuclear200x) wrote in pkmncollectors,

WANT POST! Want this guy.

I've been walking tall grass (aka searching every walmart, target, TRU etc) for the Jakks Pacific 5" Electronic Garchomp action figure for a long time, but Jakks Pacific themselves had informed me that this was only available in other select regions. Then just a few minutes ago, while window shopping on ebay, I stumbled upon an auction for one. But due to a sad twist of fate, the auction already finished and I was too late to do anything about it. So now I come to all of you and ask, do you have one you're willing to sell?

Per the rules, I am willing to pay about $35 total (same as how much the auction ended for), and any condition is fine, really:

-Doesn't have to be in the box, in fact, I prefer that it isn't boxed
-Paint smudges/scratches, dust, play wear, bent parts, broken voice box, whether it's from a smoke/pet-free home or not, are okay
-If it has any accessories and is missing any (instructions, missile blasts, etc anything optional outside the figure itself), include them if you want but I won't really need them
-As long as the figure itself is complete (all arms, legs, poseability, etc), I'll take it.

If this price seems fair, please send me a message as soon as you can. Thank you.

Tags: garchomp, jakks
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