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My Growing Collection! :)

So I've been waiting to do a real collection update until I got a decent amount of new arrivals, and I decided that upon receiving two much-anticipated items in the mail that I have accumulated enough new stuff to warrant an update. :) However, since I did wait so long, it will be a rather pic-heavy post. So there's your warning!

I received these three kids plus a couple freebie cards :D from miss_fuu_chan the Monday after she sent them out. Thanks so much, I love them! XD

And the other day I received the stuff from yaoi_queen! Yay for Charmander kid and Darkrai candy dispenser! XD

Here are some closer pics of my newest additions in that wide shot.

Here's a pic with my newly arrived charmander kid with a Duskull keychain (minus the pokeball) that I found at Kmart today, and a talking/light-up Cranidos who I found on clearance at Fred Meyer yesterday. Cranidos is very protective/possessive of Charmander kid, so watch out!

Here are the three zukan that I have put together. I got the Darkrai one along with Finneon/Lumineon and Nosepass/Probopass (that are still in their bags because of lack of space) from someone on ebay a while back, and received the Lickitung/Lickilicky and Togepi/Togetic/Togekiss along with Magnemite/Magneton/Magnezone (that is still in its bag for same reason as above) a few days ago from someone else on ebay. Yay for affordable zukan! :D

One of these things is not like the others... The Eastern Shellos I got a while back at Target, but all the others are kids that I just got on Saturday when my sister and I went up to the Uwajimaya in Seattle. I wanted to keep my spending on kids down to $10, but I couldn't resist Salamence who's all "wut up, bro? gimme five. er.. three." Also, ignore the fact that they're sitting on top of my anthro textbook. I gotta use that thing for something, right? ;P

And now my newest arrivals who came in the mail today! XD A Palkia pokedoll and Torchic plush of some sort that I'm not sure of because the tush tag's been cut off. Can someone help me out on identifying it? I bought these two from an awesome seller on ebay who combined shipping to make my total about $10! I couldn't believe that no one bid against me on Palkia. I love him so much! He's smaller than I expected, and that much cuter.

I dunno how many of you watch/used to watch South Park, but back in the 4th season is my fav episode (from what I've seen.. I stopped watching at about that season, actually) where my favorite character, Kenny, is "reborn," ALREADY IN HIS PARKA, and all fuzzy and adorable. Wow that was too many commas. Anyway, this Palkia reminds me of that, so I've named him Kenny-Palkia. I do believe that this is THE cutest Palkia item out there. :D

And I noticed something cute.. Torchic is pigeon-toed! awww! :D

Here are my main items out for display. The ones not present are still in their packaging/boxes because I have no place to put them! :'( Probably my other biggest obsession is Pirates of the Caribbean, hence the ship. I have a picture story/collection post planned that combines these two loves.. :D But that probably won't be at least until school gets out.

I got this Budew plush and Manaphy keychain + pokeball at Target a while ago, and the phone charms through ebay a while ago, too. They're all so cute! :) The Lugia charm is on my DS, and I forgot to put it in the pic.

And now Darkrai family pics (minus the candy dispenser because I forgot to stick it in there)! I found out that my LadyLegs are actually Bootylegs, but I still love them anyway because they're so cute! The second one I received is the one on the right, and he has a wider stance than the other one, so he's been dubbed the more manly Bootylegs. Yay for giving personalities to my darlings! :D

The DS stylus's arm isn't actually attached, I just managed to balance it in there. It broke off in the mail, along with a chip off his "tail" part of the skirt. With super glue it should be fine, but I definitely won't be using it as a stylus! And there's the Darkrai who is always with me; my phone charm Darkrai! :D I almost lost him once, but I put him on a better lanyard so he won't be falling off my phone again!

And now my accidental collection! It started off with my giant Palkia who started my entire pokemon collecting again, continued with the phone charm that came in the pack with all the others, then the two palkia kids because I thought it would be neat to have a clear + its original (and they were at a great price! XD), and then the DS stylus one that was accidentally shipped to me instead of the Darkrai one at first, then I was able to keep because the seller was nice about it, and finally the pokedoll who was such a good price that I couldn't pass it up. So there you have it, my accidental Palkia collection! Which is actually about the same size as my Darkrai collection.. lol! I didn't put the kids in this pic because they're already back with the rest of them, but you get the idea.

PHEW! So there's my huge collection update. Since people have been posting want lists, I suppose I'll mention some items I would love to obtain eventually:

Basically anything Ponyta/Rapidash that I don't already have. Which is almost everything. I obtained the rapidash kid shown above, and Topps cards of the two, but that's about all I have of them. Not that there's a heck of a lot of merchandise for them out there, but they're my favs, and I want to collect them. I'll eventually get the mediocre Jakks Ponyta figures they have in stores right now, but most I've seen are already kind of dirty inside the packaging, plus I'm not willing to pay so much for them yet, so we'll see.

I also collect Darkrai, though since I'm not willing to spend a LOT a lot on him, I'm a bit picky for now. Hopefully I'll get a good job for the summer though!

Predictably, my holy grail item is the Ponyta/Rapidash zukan. So if anyone comes across it on ebay (I don't want to get involved with the Y!Japan stuff, mostly because I barely make enough money to feed my ebay habit.. ^_^;) or has it for sale, please let me know! I probably won't be able to purchase it until I get paid at the end of the month again, though.

Anyway, thanks! ^_^ I hope you guys enjoyed my collection update!
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