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Multiple Charm Line GB // Plush Trade? // Full Art Kyurem

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Click the Previous Feedback Link Also here - Link

All charms from my Eeveelution Charm GB2 have been shipped. ^^ Thanks to everyone that participated in that. When charms are received, feedback would be awesome. XD!

I've decided to run another charm GB, this will probably be my last one (at least until Wave 3 is released).

It will be for the following lines: Aron, Feebas, and Houndour.

- I will leave this open until Sunday night, if all charms are not claimed by then I will decide what to do (I may drop a line or I may just cancel the entire GB depending on what happens with claims).
- Please only claim if you can pay immediately after charms are purchased (this will probably be on Monday).
- Shipping on these will be kinda slow. The estimated arrival says about a month.

There will be two payments for these charms:
1) 1st Payment covers the cost of the charm and shipping from seller to me. If all charms are claimed, this will be approximately $10 per charm. I say "approximately" because I do not know what the shipping is actually going to total...it could be more or less that $10 (but probably not by more than a few dollars). (Alternatively, I am looking for the johto-dex pichu charm and either release of Politoed...so I would be willing to trade for those.)
2) 2nd Payment covers the cost of shipping from me to you. This will be $3.50 anywhere for one charm(unless for someone reason it costs a lot to ship to your country...I will then have to ask you to send addition funds...this hasn't happen yet, but I know it's a possibility so I want to cover my bases). Charms are sent in a regular white envelope with "hand cancel only" written on the front and back. The charm(s) are wrapped in bubble wrap. So far, I have only sent one charm per envelope. I am unsure how more than one charm will affect shipping. In that case, I will need to get the enveloped weighed before shipping quote is given.

(all photos snagged from google)

Aron - me
Lairon - schenzi
Aggron - shaggy_griffon

Feebas -
Milotic - me

Houndour - schenzi
Houndoom - me

I was going to do another GB for the Eeveelutions but the seller these are from wants about twice as much as the seller I did the previous GBs with...sorry about that. ^^;

Also, I doubt it, but does anyone have a Shadow Lugia, Houndour, Suicune, or Entei (in order of priority) Pokedoll or a Cinccino Tomy Plush that they would be willing to trade for another plush? If so, please comment with a list of English release Pokedoll/Cen you are looking for. I might consider purchasing Shadow Lugia or Houndour depending on the price...if anyone is selling. <- this part is kind of canceled but if anyone does have one of those plush for sale/trade, feel free to let me know 'cause I am still interested. I just wouldn't be able to trade any pokedolls (unless you want a Blitzle) until March.

Edit: And...I totally forgot Dezchu's auction was ending at 10:30 tonight so I missed out on bidding. Does anyone have the sleeping pachirisu tomy figure for sale/trade? ^^; Or a Houndour one (that wasn't part of the auction but I just remembered to ask about it. lmao)?

Edit2: (Friday) I just bought 10 Next Destinies booster packs. I pulled a full-art Kyurem EX. This is my first full-art pull. O: I am unsure whether or not I want to keep it. If I decide to trade, would anyone be interested? I would primarily be looking for the full-art versions of Raikou EX and Shaymin EX...possibly the shiny Zoroark card (and the Japanese promo Coro Coro Shining Mew as always). I may consider trading for other non-full art rarer than rare (Super and Ultra rare) cards. So...I guess lemme know if you're interested and what you have that I might like.

It's this card, btw -

<img src=" Thanks for reading, Risha
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