rock_the_lmc (rock_the_lmc) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for some eevee and mew related charms!

I ALWAYS miss the chance to get the charms I want in all these posts so... I hope someone who still has the charms I want will be kind enough to reply to this post of mine. XD

What I really want is these leafeon and glaceon charms! As well as this mew charm and other eevee charms I found pics of online.

Also ANYTHING Eevee x Mew!!! My boyfriend loves them both and I wanna get him somthing with both of them together!

And Also if you guys have anything custom made that's either leafeon or eevee x mew I would love that as well. XD

*** This is my first post btw. x_x Let me know if I have done anything wrong lol.

Edit : Got the leafeon, glaceon, and mew charms!

Tags: custom, eevee, glaceon, leafeon, mew
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