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Snivy stuff updated+ 2nd month anniversary

Hello community,

Just wanted to say today marks my 2nd month here and have to say all thanks to this community my Snivy collection has grown a lot and can't wait to get a chance and purchase more and hopefully get a chance to at least get trade permission soon there is a lot of stuff I'm willing to trade including stuff from 2nd generation the most.

So here's a photo of my Snivy before I started the community

and here's an "After" photo the community

Photo of the stuff I bought @ the community so far

-Sleeping New Year Snivy, Grass pokemon handkerchief, and Tohoku Snivy 
-* Custom Snivy/Serperior purse
- *Custom Shiny Snivy plush
- *Handmade/drawn keychain (*All bought from the same person)
- Large Takaratomy Snivy plush
- Pokemon League BW badge
- "With You" Pin badge
- Squishy Key chain
- Pan sticker
- Jakks figurine
- Tomy Shaymin (sky) plush

So here's my official royal snake collection "green" now

I'm also expecting some more awesome Snivy stuff from [info]allinia, [info]killmeneko and [info]neeko48

Once I get some money saved up to my paypal account I'll ask for more stuff on a "Want" post, and hopefully some of you guys can lend a hand on a crazy Tsutarja/Snivy fan. ^^

Thank you for looking/reading

Tags: collection, serperior, servine, snivy
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