ballwithholes (ballwithholes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for these fancy 3.5" pokéball coin banks.

I have been looking for these fancy 3.5" pokéball coin banks that come with a pokémon figure or keychain in them (I'm not sure).

I have noticed that some people in this community are rocking them, so I would like to know where and when you guys got them, which figure came in them and also which company makes them.

My google-fu has allowed me to find somewhere to get a pokéball and a great ball made by Banpresto with either chimchar, piplup or turtwig in them, but unfortunately, the ball is randomly picked so it's impossible to choose which one I will get.
This leaves me with an ultra ball and a master ball to find (though I'm not sure the ultra ball exists, I have never seen one).

More precisely, this is what I am looking for :

Also : WHY OH WHY can't they make more realistically sized pokéball products?! ;A;

Thank you for your attention.
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