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Collection Update

Hello Community,

I just wanted to share a small update.

Since I have started collecting, my girlfriend has been supporting me 100% of the way. She sees that I really care about collecting pokemon, and that it makes me happy being able to add new merchandise to my collection. Throughout the past months, she has helped me pay for some of the merchandise I own, and has starting collecting her own pokemon as well. Ever since we first got together, I have been introducing pokemon to her, and have gotten her to fall in love with the show. She loves pokemon that are small, cute, and fat. Therefore, she has decided that her most favorite pokemon is Bulbasaur. When I showed her the episode when Ash's Bulbasaur doesn't want to evolve amongst the other Bulbasaur's, she cried a little because of the courageous story this pokemon has displayed. To her, Bulbasaur is not just a regular pokemon, he is a pokemon that is unwilling to give up, brave, and strong. Everyone has that special pokemon that speaks out to them, whether its one or many, and I just wanted to show you what inspired my girlfriend to start her collection just like me, and many of you too.

And, here's her collection...

They were obtained by the both of us, but they are dedicated to her side of the collection. Overall, we merged both our collections together.

Thank You for reading my post
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