drifloonx (herar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

more sales and such

hai guys. :3 i updated my sales again!
Added all of the GA leftovers, as well as lowered most prices.

most kids are $1 each or less! If you buy lots, feel free to haggle, i really want these things outta here. xD
i am currently NOT taking trades UNLESS it is on my wants list. Which is linked on my sales post.

click here or the picture

final notes:
All but 3 people have their items shipped from the plush/flats/zukan GA. Those will go out monday.
I am still waiting for payment from one person, euripus. Please pay for shipping for your items!

My january MPC GA is on it's way to me! Hopefully by tomorrow? Either tomorrow or monday. c:

OKAY. you won't be seeing me post for ATLEAST 12 days. my birthday is on the 22nd so i hope to have a nice collection post. :3

OH and just a PS: if you participated in my GA's, or bought from me and would like feedback, feel free to ask! I would very much appreciate feedback when you get your items. :3
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