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Collection update, plus ongoing Dog Tag Sales!

Hey guys, I'm here with (finally) a collection update! :D

That's right. It's a giant Mewtwo card of extreme awesomeness. This new box set yielded some fine additions to my pokestuffs! :)

Look at him, just look. :') Beautiful. 2 more American bottlecap figures to go and I will have them all! Then just 43572876 Japanese ones.....gah!

Zapdos reverse holo! :D I'm glad that they're bringing my sweet birdies back in the cards. Now, Jakks, give us some figures and plushies of them and we will be just lovely.

My Pika slider figure, out of his box all minty fresh. :)

Pikas so far, minus the bottlecap, which I forgot to return after the group shot. >.<

Also, PLEASE buy these dog tags, guys. ;_; I need them gone! Click the link below to go to the sales, please!

*************If anyone has a ~LUGIA~ BOTTLECAP -OR- PREORDER FIGURE please let me know! I am desperate. ;_; I am willing to pay about $6-8 shipped for one, no higher please. And if anyone has any ~bird~ pokemon items(especially 1-gen and legends), I would be willing to pay around the same price for one.
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