gengareric (gengareric) wrote in pkmncollectors,

new plush gets and tiny plush sales

well today some of my plush have arrived and am excited for my 15$ shipped great condition tomy recall charizard :) and Xd lugia

I was able to get all these plush except dragonite for 24$ :) 
pokemon center Tepig
Chickorita Pokedoll how rare is this plush?
Groudon Pokedoll 
Kaweii Dragonite
Jacks Turtwig and Duskull
also I already had the turtwig so would someone like to buy it for 5$?
and here is the pic of charizard from the steller it was in a lot of just jacks plush and I asked if I could buy him offered 5$ and got him :)
this is a pic he took just of him so I could get a better look

here is a pic of dragonite and mininight and yes that is a antennae seat belt

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