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Pickup results and new item photos!

I am back from hell on earth, also known as Pokemon Center Tokyo on the day I can only refer to as the maggyocalypse. :S

I got to the PC 40 minutes before it opened, and even that wasn't early enough. There were already huge lines of people waiting, and pretty much all of the cool maggyo stuff was sold out by the time I got in the PC (approximately TWO MINUTES after the store opened). The PC people of course decided to put BOTH of the sections of new stuff together, meaning it was crazy packed in just one section, and it was so crowded that the huge, heavy display shelves of (non-new) goods slowly got shoved back around the store by the force of the human mass pressing against them. :| It was a total gridlock, and I was stuck in the store for 2 hours. People were as polite as can be, but it was a serious mess in there. The staff pretty much abandoned the whole area to chaos and defeat! People were shoving so hard and it was so jam packed in there that it honestly hurt to breathe.

To the people I was unable to get stuff for due to out of stock items, I'll be heading back to the PC next Saturday to try to get the things that I wanted and couldn't get for myself today. :( I can try to get your items again then if you'd like! Let me know if you want me to take another look next week, and I'd be happy to.

Here are totals for my participants! The cost displayed is (items) + (shipping) = (total). Crossed out items are items that were sold out, so I couldn't get them. Let me know if any of my math seems off! :D You can send payment to me at Please remember to include your username and what you're buying somewhere in the note or title to help me keep track of things. I'll let you know when your stuff is in the mail. I won't be able to get all of these out at once, but I hope to get everything out in the upcoming week if everyone pays quickly. :D

1. tsuiling - emolga, maggyo, foongus canvas, FE travel pouch, FE multicase, FE spa bag, FE GB WI drawstring bag, FE bath towel, FE hand towel, pikachu mascot, Tokyo exclusive Pikachu strap x4, Tokyo exclusive Pikachu charm x5 233 +14 = 247 HOLD PACKAGE
2. aguazul08 - multicase FE, pansage strap 37 + 5= 42 HOLD PACKAGE
3. caffwin - maggyo zabuton cushion
4. samurwatt - maggyo canvas, zabuton cushion 14+ 4= 18
5. little_ledyba - stunfisk canvas 14 + 4= 18 Mailed!
6. mellow_candy - snivy mascot, lilligant mascot, WI spa bag, WI/FE/GB CF, GB ringed notebook60+7 = 67 HOLD PACKAGE
7. herar - vanilite/whimsicott mascot, GB spa bag, GB multicase, GB CF, GB ringed notebook, GB album, WI travel pouch, WI drawstring bag, BG bath towel, BG hand towel 174 + 14= 188 Mailed!
8. elisha1288 - emonga/stunfisk canvas, pikachu mascot 40 +5 = 45 Mailed!
9. kaddymeow - whimsicott mascot 12 + 4= 16 Mailed!
10. acciolucius - emolga, foongus canvas, snivy mascot, Audino, Mincinno, and Darumaka canvas 82+ 6.50= 88.5 Mailed!
11. crasherwake - tepig/pansage strap, tepig mascot, WI travel pouch 64 + 6= 70 Mailed!
12. sonicad17768 - maggyo card covers (2), deck box 8 + 4= 12 HOLD PACKAGE
13. tayran - Darumakka canvas 14 +4 = 18 Mailed!
14. zeldana - foongus canvas, GB multicase, GB CF, GB stickers 54 + 6= 60 Mailed!
15. tamago226 - oshawott mascot, oshawott strap, WI drawstring bag, WI hand towel, WI CF, WI ringed notebook, WI travel stickers, WI album 69 +9 = 78 HOLD PACKAGE
16. know - vanillite/whimsicott mascot, GB/WI CF 34 +4.5 = 38.5 Mailed!
17. punkspacewafers maggyo cushion and canvas plush 14 +4 = 18 HOLD PACKAGE
18. poliwhirl stunfisk/foongus/darumakka canvas, tympole mascot, GB/WI/FE/maggyo zukan/lots of maggyo CF (x2), 2 sewaddle straps 116 +8 = 124 HOLD PACKAGE
19. puyro (all FE) travel pouch, multicase, spa bag, drawstring bag, hand towel, CF, ringed notebook 95 + 9= 104 Mailed!
20. remove_replace maggyo floor mat, GB multicase 26+5 =31 HOLD PACKAGE
21. shiningmew 2 maggyo canvas, maggyo socks (23-25) 38+ 5= 43 Mailed!
22. godudette FE spa bag, GB travel pouch, maggyo socks (23-25) 61+7 = 68 Mailed!
23. tailglow 1 of each CF, GB multicase (unfortunately deerling and liligant's positions make it opposite for them to BOTH be in the middle XD) 41+7 = 48 Mailed!
24. janovi maggyo cushion
25. chypie GB drawstring bag, victini strap 23+ 4.5 = 27.5 Mailed!
26. shiny_vulpix emolga canvas, emolga mascot 26 + 4.5 = 30.50 Mailed!
Take 2 next week:
0. placetohide maggyo slippers, cushion, GB notebook/drawstring bag, lol :U Try 2...
1. caffwin zabuton cushion try 2!
2. poliwhirl stunfisk zukan CF (x2) try 2! snivy mascot, dragon CF (x2)
3. sonicad17768 stunfisk card sleeves (x2) try 2!
4. samurwatt zabuton cushion try 2!
5. remove_replace stunfisk floor mat try 2!
6. tsuiling WI drawstring bag, Pikachu Tokyo charms x5 try 2! vinyl set, FE/WI/GB album, FE/WI travel pouch, tepig/oshawott/snivy canvas
7. tamago226 WI drawstring bag try 2! WI album, WI multicase, WItravel bag, WI bath towel
8. punkspacewafers zabuton cushion try 2!
9. mellow_candy WI travel pouch, stunfisk pass case
10. parareality victini strap
11. janovi maggyo cushion try 2!
12. miya_c snivy/oshawott/victini strap
13. chatsy vicini/oshawott strap
14. aguazul08 tokyo pikachu strap, purrloin strap

Here's a link to the original post to jog your memories and answer any questions. Of course, feel free to comment if you have anything you're uncertain about! :D

And here are some pictures of new goods. I know lots of people have been curious, so hopefully this will help y'all. Oshawott's hanging out for size comparison.


Sticker sheets! (these are big! :D)

Hand towels, super soft :D

spa bags~

travel pouch! They have little hooks on the inside (along with pockets) so you can hang them up.

multicase! Bigger than I anticipated.

Mascot plush! I loooove the snivy one.

Drawstring bags! Went out so fast D:


The mystery "vinyl set" is a set of cool vinyl bags, one of each design! :D
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