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Intro to the comm + Vday gift

Hellos everyone.

My name is Alexandra or Alex for short, which tends to be easier to remember.I am 26 years old and I live in Cali. I have been around the comm for I want to say a year and a half give or take. I discovered the comm while browsing around. I like the fact everyone is really friendly and I have met a lot of new friends because of the comm. Never really got around to to making an intro post,busy with work and what not; or even showing the smallish collection thus far. I have been a fan of Pokemon since it first arrived in the the US. I have played almost every one of the Pokemon games with the exception of gen 3's games XD. I really fell back in love with Pokemon after playing Pokemon Diamond and became really attached to Luxray, which I nickname Lionheart and then later Leon as a Gijinka. One of my all time favorites is Charmander(now Charizard), and Vaporeon which I still have in my Pokemon White game from Fire Red. My collection consist of what I keep in my party most of the time.

Sooner or later I am going to get a shelf or something to display my plushies more properly.
My favorite pokemon are in order Charmander(Fang), Luxray (Leon-Lionheart), Vaporeon (Vap), Darkrai (Takeshi), Snivy (Feng), Zoroark ( Angela), Zekrom (Tron), and Latios. I normally nickname the pokemon i favor and use most often.


And I finally got my offical grail as well which was the Luxray UFO catcher and Luxray DX. The next step is getting a Ginjinka doll of my Leon and/or a 1:1 luxray which I will make myself proubably because I can and making 1:1 pokemons are fun.
Game stop just wanted to get rid of these so they gave them to me. XD

Then here is my VDay. Mine was the user named Jujufox. This is thus far the cutest plushies customs in my collection.


My favorite part is the picture she drew of my Leon OC who is a Ginjinka of my Luxray.

That is one other thing I collect is art of my Leon OC. Which can be found here:

Since I joined this com I started out with only having 1 charmander, a snivy and a cyndaquil to having everything above. XD Sooner or later I will probably have way more then I can figure what to do with. I hope to see everyone around and possibly get sells person soon. :) I figure after being here for more then a year I need to be a little more active.
Tags: charmander, collection, custom, cyndaquil, darkrai, latios, luxray, reshiram, serperior, shinx, snivy, zekrom
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