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a tale of tragedy! heartache! true love!!

i am not in japan, but my beloved maggyo is. the first electric pokemon goods festival and i missed it. i was all like, screaming and sobbing into my pillow, but then! my hero! my husband, who shies away from crowds and doesn't know much about pokemon but whose motto is "gin and her pokemon are a collectible set you don't split up", offered to brave the massive maniac mobs of mad maggyo obsessed minions, to get ALL 28 ITEMS IN THE PROMOTION ;_;

things were missing from shelves in minutes. maggyo items vanished before people's eyes. when this promotion was announced, you comrades of the comm asked, "but why maggyo?". this is one of the best-selling pokemon the center has seen in years... even eevee collection was NOT THIS BAD. what!!!!

one of the last items to vanish from the center in a single day was the mini joltik plush for halloween. the message is clear, pokecen, the citizens have spoken... MORE ELECTRIC POKEMON PLUSH!! :D

i have a few, too-bad-to-post-to-the-comm photos of my own spoils (he DID manage to get ALL 28 goods!) on my personal LJ, but if you want to see clear pics of maggyo goods, i recommend keeping an eye on Y!J!

easily one of the best, though:

i cannot wait to post this fishtastic collection update in another week and a half!!

until then. new york toy fair 2012 is happening, and of course jakks in there. in typical jakks style, they did not show off upcoming toys, 90% of their display was stuff ALL OVER TOYS R US SHELVES RIGHT NOW, with basically NO sneak peeks of any of their 2012 lineup. jakks, i am disappoint in you :(!

this, i think, is the only new thing? cute eh?

you can see the entire setup here on flickr. thanks, idle hands toy blog!
Tags: info, jakks, pokecen, stunfisk
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