Hebi/Lea (hebilea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Our beloved stamps have arrived! + TCG question

Hello there all!

For those who have participated in the PokeCen stamps Group Buy, they have arrived to my home safe and sound, so now I need payments for shipping from me to you! :)

Since all of you are outside of Europe, the shipping is going to be the same for all of you! Please send each of you 2.60$ to lea.shiroihebi(@)gmail.com and of course, add your username and which stamps you have gotten from this one! Thank you for making this one happen! <3

NOTICE!! I am going on a skiing trip tomorrow, and I will be back this Friday! That means I will maybe make it to send your stamps on Saturday (my PO is open until 11 AM), if not, then they will go next Monday! :)

Also, since I upped my claims, there are two stamps who remained.

Would somebody like to give them a home? They would be just like from the Group Buy, 2$ each + shipping. <3

And now to my question! I am not very familiar with TCGs, but are Rumble TCG cards rare or something? I never really see them being sold on this community. Any information would be appreciated! 
Tags: audino, group auction, lilligant, payments
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