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Small sales post

Hello community!

I need money... Maybe have you need goods? :D

Sales permission granted by denkimouse.

-> Rules
o Paypal only. All prices are in USD.
o Shipping from Europe (France). I ship worldwide.
o Shipping cost no inclure in price (~3-5usd for figures).
o Payment must be made in 3 days after the purchase.

Lottery Victini 8USD and Pikachu 7USD

Clipping figures : Drilbur 3 USD - Minccino 3USD

Torchic 5USD / Clear Tomy Pichu 8USD / Glaceon (very small paint rubs) 7USD

Skitty Kids 2 USD / Metagross 2 USD / Latias (broken keychain) 2 USD / Clear Shaymin Tomy (multi paint rubs!) 2 USD / Charizard (multi plaint rubs!) 1 USD

Glaceon MC+ in box (box damaged) 8USD

Zukans Figures : Sigilyph 6 USD / Victini and Scraggy 5 USD / Eevee, Leafeon and Glaceon (Europe) 10 USD

Giratina cap : 15USD

Blastoire Bag - 7 USD

Chupa Surprise figures : Golurk 5USD and Beartic 7USD

Pokéball playmat (TCG) : 20USD

RARE Pikachu Note Book Organized Play - 30USD OBO

Thank you!
Tags: sales
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