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First sales post!

UPDATE - added Moltres, some more Zukan pieces.
UPDATE 2 - Added Jumpluff/Skiploom Zukan pieces. Sorry, keep forgetting stuff xD

Hi everyone, under the cut is my very first sales post! Lots of rare stuff including Zukan, Sugimori Cardasses and 10th Movie TOMY figures.


  • All community rules apply
  • No sniping on auctions (5 min rule applies)
  • I currently accept paypal only
  • I ship from NY
  • I am not responsible for items lost in the mail. Scans of shipping labels/receipts can be requested.
Sales permission was granted by dakajojo in October.

Feedback is here

older feedback

oldest feedback


Rare Altaria Zukan - Starts at $30 (What it cost me for figures + pegs). Incorrect base, Altaria's peg might be a little long.


Sugimori Cardasses - $5 each

Swampert and Marshtomp Zukan pieces - $15
Magnemite Zukan with pegs - $12

Blaziken Zukan - $20. Blaziken himself is *VERY* scratched up, Torchic and Combuskien are in great condition. (20 is what Torchic and Combuskien cost me alone).

Zukan bases - $5 each
One black round one is gone
Note that for the first 24 hours, bases will be reserved for people buying Zukan pieces, if they would like to purchase a base along with them.

10th Anniv. Metallic Lati@s TOMY figures - 12 for the pair

Lati@s playing cards - $8 for the pair. Note that they have some residue on the tops of them.

PEGLESS Moltres Zukan - 8. Completely MIP, just missing his peg. 

Misc Zukan group: Whishcash, Qwilfish, Sunflora - 10

Jumpluff and Skiploom Zukan Pieces - $13

Thanks everyone!

Tags: altaria, blaziken, hitmonlee, horsea, latias, latios, magnemite, sales, swablu, torchic, zukan
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