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I intended to have a really cool intro picture for this collection update; but I don't; so have some starter love:

Under the cut you can enjoy planes, fire lizards (inc a mirage), roasted pigs, a scrawny dinobird; a stuffed mouse and a story let's aim for Valentine's for that- no time now :_: 

I got Flare Stack the Emboar just after Xmas; when Game reduced their TCG tins and I had vouchers.
I got the kids soon after:

DS styluses I got from the comm- which fits in nicely both with my bf's Buneary collection and our games collection:

Timburr from heatrotomftw:

ANA phonecards from eBay, look at what Pichu's missing:

ANA golden ticket. I've been after one a while so I was glad Caffwin auctioned her's off:
Charizard zukan from lunarchik13 & Emboar zukan from heatrotomftw97. Now my Zukan collection for the Pokemon I collect is complete (except for Archen/Archeops if they release a set):

Shot without bases:

The quality of Zukan is getting poorer. Look at Emboar's face:

Charmeleon "mirage" plush. I found him on He's goofy looking. He looks like he could be in Land Before Time:

Archen Tomy plush. His features (claws and feathers) are glued on- which is a bit of a shame; otherwise he's a perfect plush:

Dino posse! There's a weird pteranodon pretending to be Aerodactyl:


Yay a box!

The Pokemon on the sides look a little off (except Meowth; who does a perfect Rayman finishing level impression):

Aww look Snivy is on the rear. Glad to see it conforms to CE standards:

Huh? He looks weird? Anyway- c'mon KJ open the friggin' box!

Oh; it's a plane! A 1/400 scale Boeing 777 actually (yes- it says so on the box -.-)

Anyway; I decided to finally get myself a proper model ANA plane. I have been deliberating about getting one before- but I have so much first gen ANA items I did not want to get another item that looks the same; and the others did not look as good for me to justify spending so much on one. Until I saw this gen's plane; which is perfect. If you want to know; it was $45 shipped.

Die-cast; it is very heavy for a figure! The details are so gorgeous; and it has a hole in it's bottom for a base (no- they don't come with one):


And I didn't have to apply any tiny stickers!

I also got Ampharos from myvampirelust19 and Blastoise from lunarchik13. Blastoise has a story but I'll have to tell it another day:

And I also restuffed and cleaned up the LHP (Large Hasbro Pichu):



Now here's the size comparison to a 1/1 Pichu:

That's all folks!

EDIT: have added all pictures to my collection page:
check it out!
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