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Hot Topic GB payments DUE!

To all who participated in the Hot Topic GB, your payments are due! You do have 48 hours from this post to get your payment sent, but please pay as soon as possible. I placed the order yesterday afternoon, but it still says "fulfilling", so there is a slight chance of a few items being sold out. If that happens you will be refunded, however I doubt we will have that problem.

Here is the spreadsheet: http://www.love2animate.com/HTGB/htgb.html I found a super cute background for it! >w<

Send your payment to the email address provided on the sheet, and be sure to include your username so I know who you are. Your order will be sent to the address provided by your PayPal account, so make sure that info is correct! You will be notified through PayPal when your order is shipped, and I will make another post when the order comes in.

And now to make this a multipurpose post I am doing a sales plug!

Also, check out my Etsy shop, Geeky Cute Crochet, for some charms!
I'm stocking up for Anime Central(ACen), so I'm not taking any custom Pokemon orders at this time. That's also why there are no Pokemon amigurumi in my shop right now. If you're going to be at ACen let me know! I'm going to be right on the edge of the Artist's Alley so be sure to stop by!
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