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TCG Collection + a want

Hello community,

Today I want to show my card collection, which I had started before collecting plushies and other stuff (well, that is to say, before I joined the comm! ^^) I'm really proud of what I have so far.

I took the pictures with my iPhone, so that's why they're a bit crappy-looking (sorry about that!). I keep my cards in a portfolio featuring Victini on the front cover (from Noble Victories).

I will try to name all the cards as we go through the pages, so that they might serve as a reference if anyone is interested in them.

Okay let's start!

First row (from left to right):
-Japanese Base set Charizard
-Ninetales ex
-Umbreon Prime

Second row:
-Japanese Movie Gizamimi Pichu M
-Japanese McDonald's Promo Umbreon
-Japanese Timeless Celebi (10th movie promo)

Last row from same page:
-Sabrina's Espeon (it's a shiny!!)
-Karen's Umbreon
-Annie's Espeon

Second page:

First row:
-Japanese Dark Rush Eevee
-Japanese Dark Rush Flareon
-Japanese Dark Rush Vaporeon

Second row:
-Japanese Dark Rush Jolteon
-Japanese Dark Rush Espeon
-Japanese Dark Rush Umbreon (I like to think it's a shiny/normal hybrid--notice how some of its rings are blue, especially on his ears?)

Last row from same page:
-Japanese BW Glaceon
-Japanese Base set Flareon
Mew is on the other page.

Third page:

Okay never mind the first row (Flareon is actually on the next page :D)
Second row:
-Japanese Reviving Legends Gliscor
-Japanese Shining Mew (CoroCoro promo)
-Japanese Mew ex

Last row from same page:
-Japanese Striking Back Mewtwo (10th Movie Promo)
-Japanese Mewtwo Gold Star
-Japanese Shining Darkness Mew

Fourth page:

First row:
-Japanese Flareon Gold Star 1st Edition
-Japanese Celebi Gold Star 1st Edition
-Japanese Pikachu Gold Star

Second row:
-Japanese Mew Gold Star 1st Edition
-Japanese Latias Gold Star
-Japanese Rayquaza Gold Star 1st Edition

Last row from same page:
-Japanese Groudon Gold Star 1st Edition
-Japanese Raikou Gold Star 1st Edition
-Japanese Suicune Gold Star 1st Edition

Here's a focus on Flareon. This is such a beautiful card, my camera couldn't capture it, but it shines EVERYWHERE, not just on the artwork.

Japanese Gold Star cards are, I think, better than the English ones because they shine more (and they are in Japanese ^^)--the sparkles are different too.

Last page:

First row:
-POP 5 Pikachu
-Japanese Intro Pack Neo Flaaffy (Totodile Half Deck)
-Japanese N Trainer

Second row:
-Japanese Gigalith BW Promo #10
-Japanese Hail Blizzard Chandelure
-Japanese Groudon Emerald Promo

And finally, a grail of mine:

Japanese PLAY Players Fan Club Espeon Gold Star
I feel so lucky to have this card. To me it's the most beautiful card out there. It's still sealed and kept between two toploaders (it came like this when I bought it). A very expensive card, but worth it.

Here's another pic:

Finally, a want. Actually, it's for my sister: Absol Pokedoll MWT.
She really wants it, hence why she asked me to post it here. She'd pay up to $250 for it.

Thanks for looking!! :D
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