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[Collection reshuffle//]

I think it's official that I can't concentrate at all ; -;

Last night after a busy day, I decided to rearrange my collection shelf with some stackable boxes I found behind my shelving unit. This isn't an official 'collection update' because I still have a bunch of stuff coming my way. |3
I also counted my collection pieces while I was there, and I found that I have breached 110 separate items. This includes 7 zukan, 16 kids figures, 10 TOMY MC's, 4 V-Trainers, 48 various figures (minicot, stamper, pokedex, keychains etc), and 25 plush and pokedolls. And I'm sure I've missed something XD
This doesn't include my shop stock, so I think I have something closer to the 200-250 mark of seperate pokemon related items.

I am amazed that it's so much o_o

This is just the eeveelution side of the shelf! The lions side has stuff en route so it'll be updated later ^o^

I will update with my entire collection, once the stuff in transit gets here, and at that point I'll also post a wanted list!

So, who else out there collects eevee or an evolution? Show me your collections!!! :D
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