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I've come back from a long, long hiatus today with a small sales post and a weird request. I am helping to staff an anime convention, NashiCon, and we are looking for prizes for a few of our events. I'm going to be running Pokémon trivia/discussion panel and a large gameshow-style board game, both of which would benefit from Pokémon merchandise as prizes. Or, well, any anime/video game/fandom-related merchandise at all really! So if you have any merchandise that you don't want or can't sell, we'll gladly take it (provided it isn't too broken/damaged/dirty/etc.). We can also cover shipping costs if necessary, though our budget isn't exactly amazing...hence why I'm asking for donations in the first place! :D

Alternatively, we might consider buying a large quantity for a fairly low price (ie - a box of assorted merchandise for $15 or something like that).

I would like to stress that our convention is not-for-profit, and aside from the price of the cost of the badge, it is completely free to come to these events and compete for prizes. Any donations received will go straight into the prize pool, not into my or anyone's personal collections or sales posts. I have been a semi-active member of pkmncollectors for at least three years now (though I've not been very active for the past year), and have nothing but positive feedback. I got the approval about this from a mod (Gin in fact) a couple of months ago.

Anything in my sales post that isn't sold or traded away by March 15th will get thrown into the prize pool as well. I have a few plush, some kids figures, TCG tins and coins, and a bunch of rare cards.

Thanks for your time, pkmncollectors!

Tags: cards, charizard, flareon, jolteon, kids, plush, sales, shaymin, vaporeon
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