rock_the_lmc (rock_the_lmc) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Need the 2008 TOMY leafeon Plush!

I'm looking for this specific plush! 2008 TOMY leafeon Plush! I want my boyfriend to get it for me for valentines day but I have to find it first and I really would like the ~real~ thing and hopefully a tag on it. (It came with a tag, right?)

I'm very new to all this. It's only my 2nd post on this community but I love this place and i''m hoping someone here has this plush for sale! I'm.... also hoping it won't hurt our wallets too much. x_x eh heh.

Here's pics I found :

Now are both of these the 2008 tomy plush? I think the one on the right is the super expensive canvas plush but i'm not sure. @_@ Regardless!! I want a cute adorable leafeon plush. DDD: Help!

Edit : If anyone has the leafeon canvas plush i'll buy it for $80. @_@

Tags: leafeon, plush, tomy
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