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collection post, charm wants, and sales! <3

My Collection as of 2/12/12 (Plush and charms only)

Hey fellow collectors! I have recently been meaning to show off my new gets/collection because of all the new members! I'll also do another mini intro~ So hey! I'm Riley! I'm almost 15 and I have loved pokemon ever since I was little! I recently started collecting (I joined January of last year) and since then my collection has gone from a few tomys and plush to TONS of plush and figures! :3 My favorite has and always will be Umbreon, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna actually collect his stuff, but for now I kind of collect whatever tickles me fancy. So enjoy this collection update~ Kick back, relax, and enjoy ^^ (I can't believe it's 1:15 am and I'm doing this ;___;)

Just my regular plushies ^^

You can barely see poor Lugia ): The beams Pika though is gorgeous and so cute! (:

Butterfree Pokedoll was one of my first purchases on the community. I was in a bid war with segamew

I'm currently on a quest to get all the Minky Eeveelution Pokedolls MWT! So far I have 2 out of the needed 8 lol

Eeek Wailord is barely living there! But yay my eeveelution Canvases! My most prized possessions! If you are considering getting one DO IT they are frikken soft and adorable (: I also adore my babylondonstar Shiny Raikou custom that I got from denkimouse<3

....Not much to say about this.....but I love them ^^

MY FAVORITE POKEDOLL EVER!! DRAGONITE!! :D And a recent get for me, a minky Magikarp pokedoll! Now my shiny little guy isn't as lonely! :3 Now I just need Shiny Gyrados... (;

SHINY DOGS! I was so happy to finally have these. Too bad Entei is tagless. But that's okay! I love him regardless<3

The most amazing/cool/adorable book on the face of this earth. The art is so fantastic I envy them... ;___;

Last but not least....CHARM GETS!! AHHHH! THEY ARE SO CUTE! I was like admiring them for an hour. I love them so much!! My goal is to as least have collected all of gen 1 and 2 (no matter how long it takes xD) THANKS SO MUCH killmeneko

THEY ARE SO DAMN CUTE!! I have 35+ more charms coming! YAY! (I'm WAYYY to crazy with the charms... :3)

Also, everytime I always have to reorganize my plush in order to do updates because I don't have room to display the poor guys in my room, instead, they end up in the bin (I always have to arrange them PERFECTLY so that their tags don't get damaged):

Important ones on top so that their tags are less likely to get damaged! (: But luckily we are moving, so hopefully I'll be able to get a bigger room with a display shelf! :D

Well thanks guys for sticking through that collection update! I gotta say you guys inspired me to do this, I'm so envious of the collections posted every day! We certainly are an awesome community (;
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