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Collection Post / Valentine!

I'd been pushing it off forever! Come see !

First off I'd like to reintroduce myself to those who do not know me! My name is Amanda, I just recently turned 18 and have been on Pkmncollectors since Early june of last year! ;o; I wish I had joined sooner.
TODAY I BRING YOU My main collections! My most important collection, Dragonite. Then the secondary side collections and baby pokemon collections! I plan to save my pokedoll + random crap and promotion collections for another day.

FIRST here is what my collection of dragonites looked like the first time I posted a collection post:
 + a not pictured pillow pet.


First off Dragonites the plush! I've added a few new additions to this including the Pokedoll (oh so manly in his bow), The old banpresto UFO and bath buddy! You might notice that two of my dragonite friends are gone. D: Kawaii and bootie found lovely homes! But I'm excited because I have another Kawaii MWT coming my way +W+

Figures! front part :D Customs towards the front (didnt see one had fallen over ;o; and that the charms were cut off!)

Back row of figures! Plus  my small dratini/ Dragonair section XD I don't collect them as much.

Lickilicky! The first of my side collections! (dratini is a mini/baby collect)  I love this chubby guy! He wont be lonely for long, I have a Lickilicky pokedoll sitting at a noppin warehouse. XD

Wake up you snorlax! D:< We are in the middle of a collection update! Jeez.

WAILLLLORD <33333 I really need to get on getting my noppin stuff. XD I have the pokemon time cushion and a sailor wailord waiting to see this homie!  And in this picture you can see my Mamoswine figures + Gallade figure+ Cubchoo stamp. I have plush to go with them but was quickly running out of table space. XD They have their own photo at the end!

More stuff for my baby pokes! Here is a emotion charm set of cottonee <3 And then a pin and tin of Axew! Their plush come later!.

STEVENNNNNN. Orz I need more merch of you <3 XD

Plush I didnt have table room for! Mostly my baby pokes! Then Bootie Gallade and Grump Mamoswine<3
AND that's the end of my collection post today! I mostly wanted to do the Dragonites and my other random side collections. Everything else pokemon I have can wait for later! Sorry that these pictures were kind of really crappy ;o;

YAY. I love love love love LOVE the secret valentine thing. It was so fun picking a gift for someone and then receiving one myself! My gift was from [info]ivan_rathe <33333 Thanks so much +W+


Oh. Who could you be ? Hmmmmm<3?

Wobbuffet! Wobbb<3 XD I have been trying to add this fellow to my pokedoll collection forever!!! <3 XDD
I can honestly say though when I first opened my package he was upside down and all I saw was blue and had absolutely no idea what he was until I pulled him out the first time. XD I squealed ;o; and then my mom who was watching took him to comment on his cuteness. Get yer own D:< XD I also got some black and white stickers! squeeee <3 I love stickers and stationary and stuff! +W+ Thanks so much <3 I can't get over how cute he is! He is sitting by my desk all >~~~< 'you talking about me'. Hmm <O< perhaps Wobbuffet. Perhaps. I kind of want a small james or something to put by him. XDD

If you would like close up photos of any of my items for a want list or anything just let me know and I can try and take a good one for you! Also I can try to tell you who made what on my customs but unless I received feedback from them once upon a time ;o; Its probably lost forever. I know most though!

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