heatrotomftw97 (heatrotomftw97) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Next Destinies/Dragon Selection Post

(If you ordered kids from my sales post or Kimewaza BW2 kids from me, they will be shipped out on 2-18 or sooner. Sorry for the delay.)

Hey everyone! I got my boxes of ND in the mail yesterday, and I got a couple of extra EX cards in the set, including a full art!!

KyuremEX (38/99): $12

KyuremEX (96/99) FullArt: $22

Also, would anyone be interested in some Dragon Selection booster packs/a box? I have a few extra things under this cut:

Dragon Selection BOX: $60


Dragon Selection Packs: $5 each
OR buy all 5 packs for $20

Thanks guys! As soon as the wave three charms come out and I get Haxorus/Excadrill, I will be posting a collection update for those two! <3

Tags: cards, sales
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