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Collection Post and Wants! (And a short Story!)

I have some super srs wants!

These Darn Rotom chous! Luckily thanks to a lucky break in GA extras, I have the regular silver rotom! yaaay!
However, the Others elude me :(

Also, this rotom kid:

i didnt even know it existed til about a month ago :O

also, this is now a collection post because i've never done ! :O

Porygon and Spinda! (and my very small kecleon collection)

Rotom stuff! :D

Plush! Omg you dont know how happy i am to have that pakipaki heracross! i got it in a GA a long time ago.
Timburr is just too cute to pass up and I really wanted it
Magmortar are representations of me and my little brother :P he bought me the magmortar one day when i was sick and it means a lot to me. so one of the first things i bought on this com was the electivire for him to show him how much it meant to me :,)

Here's a short story about it: There was a GA with a whoooooole lot of plush and this is back when I had money to spend like crazy. So looking through the photos, there wasn't anything that caught my eye. Then, I double checked the first photo and I was like "....that looks like a heracross...." It was covered up by a lot of other plush and there was no thread for it so I asked the GA runner to put it up and they did. I always wanted a heracross plush because of the anime mostly. I was thinking it was going to be the pokedoll, but any heracross would've made me happy. So about 3 months later after making payment 1 and 2, I see payment three pop up and I was like "whoa thats right i did get a heracross" and then it made it to my house 2 weeks later. Omg... you can not imagine the surprise I had when I opened the box to see this beautiful thing! I almost cried (seriously though, I shed a tear).
So yeah thats the end of my rant! lol

Ok now back to wants: I have a bunch of flats for everything I collect as well, but if you're selling something that you don't see that I have and you want money, send me to your sales post and I will buy it up! :O Thanks everyone! :D
Tags: collection, electivire, heracross, kecleon, magmortar, plush, rotom, spinda, timburr
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