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Collection Update and Wants

So far this is my collection, it has grown a bit from what it used to be o(o)o

Here are the plushies (as you can see I'm starting to run out of room ( ;) which I guess is a good sign)

And here is the second shelf, filled with about everything.

On to the second part of this post.
I'm trying to get my hands on a 2005 UFO charizard plush MWT

(Photo borrowed from hard rock pokemon. com)
You may saw "But p3nguina you already have one"
I do already have one but the previous owner that I purchased him from didn't tell me that his right arm had fallen off and was resown back on, and I've tried to live with it but it's been bothering me and I would like to have one with it's tags.
I could probably pay no more than $50/trade/or a partial trade

And the other two things I'm looking for are the Zweilous MPC  and the Hydreigon MPC

(Borrowed from japan video games)
I don't know the prices really well on these items so shoot me a price and I'll tell you if I can do it or not also if your interested I could as well do a trade or partial trade.

Found out the MPCs were a bit out of my budget.

Also the 2005 UFO charizard that I posses is up for trade and if you want I can show you a picture of the stitching but other than that he has his tush tag intact.

Thanks for helping out you guys
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