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Wild Pokemon Ran Away!

I was just hit my a croaqunk's poison jab....I was searching the web for a stuffed Wailmer, and came across ebay's UK site. and found one! And i also found another one of the cutest poke plush i have ever seen  a Delibird one! i wasn't even aware that it even existed! but to my dismay, i cannot afford it, i thought i could until i looked a the pound compared to the dollar.... now my question is does anyone know where i can get one for a cheaper, i mean not dirt cheap but affordable? I'm looked for both the Wailmer and Delibird. 
p.s. if this isn't allowed or if anyone would like me to remove it please let me know i will be more then willing to do so. Thank!
Tags: delibird, plush, wailmer
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