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Real vs. Bootleg plush comparison!

Hello all! I hope everyone is doing fine! <3

I come with a (early) v-day and birthday present! The big Tomy Ho-oh plush! =D

But wait a moment, who's other wing is that? Well...

Ahhhhh! It's a bootie! Take him away, take him away! He was a gift, but still! But he is serving a purpose today. As he will be used as a comparison and to see if fake merch is really worth getting. (spoiler: Most likely not and you'll see why.)

See all the differences yet? Don't worry, I'll point out the visible ones.

Obvious color difference on the wing of the bootleg.

The beak on the real one is slightly longer and a slightly different shape than the bootie's.

The real Ho-oh's feet are a navy-gray, while the bootleg's feet are a darker gray. Also, the bootie's legs are stubbier and shorter than the real one's.

The bootie's tail feathers are a slightly different yellow and looks pretty faded at the tips.

The area around the eyes on the real one are a dark shade of blue and embroidered around the edges, while the bootie's area are a much lighter shade of blue and is totally embroidered.

Here's the tag on the real Ho-oh. Looks awesome, doesn't it? As for the bootleg's....

.....Yeah. Total dud. XD

In addition, the real Ho-oh plush feels so much more nicer and the fabric is really good. I can't say the same for the bootleg, as it feels cheap, rough, and...well, blech! XD

If I were you, I'd stay away from booties (obviously, but you know)! Unless you're using one for sewing or practicing on, want to cuddle, not a serious collector, etc. But yeah. AVOID!

I hope this comparison was informative and such. Thanks for viewing! =D
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