h1tchh1ker (h1tchh1ker) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Ginormous Group Auction: We WON!!! Payment 1

Hey Guys!!

I am happy to report, that we have WON the auction!!!! (with a little discount)

Spreadsheet and more info inside!

The auction was won at a price of ~$330 USD, we raised a total of $384 USD. The shipping from original seller to Spideyroxas is 19 Euro (since the shipping is to UK). The total of the auction (shipping to Spideyroxas included) will be $355.54 USD. So everyone gets a little discount for payment 1.

Below is the pic of the conversion website I used:

Original auction thread: HERE

Spreadsheet can be found: HERE
*in the event I made a mistake, I apologize, please let me know*
Please Send payments within the next 48 hours. Otherwise negative feedbacks will be left!

Ended auction can be found: HERE

Pics of the ebay auction total and shipping:

Please send payments to Spideyroxas at:  dougthehedgehog(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

In the paypal message, please specify your username, and state that its for this GA.

Also, please post here when payment have been sent and your location (zipcode included).

Thank you!!

Tags: group auction, payments
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