Leludallas (akeyma) wrote in pkmncollectors,

GA! Woo

Akeyma's I <3 Quagsire GA!
*cheap start prices, I will prob pay a majority of this action, just looking to split up the fees a bit XD*

I will be calming Quagsire for $20+ (if necessary)

There will be 2 payments. The first will be for the initial auction. Then I will front for the shipping to me, once the auction arrives I will include the Japan > Me shipping in the shipping from Me > You. (shipping will be from California)

The seller says these are all in like new condition and are the "shiny" fabric.


*granted sales permission on 02/03/11 by denkimouse*
*New Feedback: HERE *

~Paypal only
~Everything is in USD, shipping is not included.
~All pkmncollectors rules apply
~Bid in $1 increments
~Payments to AkeymaLJ(at)gmail(dot)com
~All items are shipped from 92677 (California)
~Backing out of a purchase or bid WILL result in negative feedback.

*There are 2 days on this auction. I will be closing bidding on 2/15 at 20:00 PST to allow for me to get home from work and make sure the bid is in.

Tags: chikorita, group auction, igglybuff, pichu, pikachu, quagsire, togepi
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