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What I got from the 2012 Valentine's Exchange <3

I thought I would share what I got from my valentine exchange now that I have the second part of it. Mine came fromjerybunny.


First, I got this awesome swadloon box:

In it were figures and other little things:

Ekans Tomy, Eevee Keychain Figure, Meowth Tomy (oldest version), Torchic bobblehead, hasbro combusken figure, charmander die.

Torchic and Chikorita Mystery Dungeon figure sets

Stickers and Pokemon Center Charizard charm! (Is this the 2009 or 2011 version?)

I also got all these paper guys, the mightyena one is a full card (you can see what it says in the second pic)

They all have cute pop-up tails. :3

The note that came with all this said that I would also be getting something from, that came today. It was a MPC litwick! ^^ I already have one of those, but that's okay. I will keep the hang tag on this one I decided. Here is a picture of the two of them: (new one is on the right)

With the addition of this version of the meowth tomy, I now have all the different ones:

Old paint job, new paint job,bootleg and clear (bootleg).

Thank you for all the nice things, jerybunny! I like all of them a lot. ^^ Except for combusken and litwick- these are all new items for my collection! :3
Tags: charizard, charmander, chikorita, eevee, ekans, litwick, swadloon, torchic
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