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Games, Gifts, and Gameboys!

So... I'm sure that you've all heard of Pokemon Nabunga (If not, It's a crossover game being released next month)

Anyways, I have a question.

Does anyone know if they plan on releasing it in enlish/any other languages? Is anyone gonna buy this game? Also, Do you know if there will be preorder figures or merch (That would be.... So epic)

While we're on the topic of preorder merch, i currently have this baby on the way

Ya see, I never preordered the Johto remakes (Even if I did, i would of got Ho-oh. I always wanted heartgold.) So when a friend of mine who lives on the other side of england told me that he would sell me their lugia preorder figure, I accepted.

Last thing. While rummaging in my room, I found my brothers old gameboy advanced sp. I did a little research on it, and it turns out i have a limited edition zelda GB.

Only 25,000 were made, and it was only ever released in europe. It's in really bad condition though (Tons of scratches, and the light in the screen has gone, so it only has as much light a the came boy color.

P.S. This month's KoroKoro is officially announcing Keldeo. You know what this means? There will be MERCHANDISE!

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