ropihl (ropihl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My dog ate my Umbreon Canvas...


Ok, it's not as bad as it looks. But he did leave some marks...

My dog tends to think that everything plush, fluffy and soft is his. So he took it upon himself to reach up onto my dresser and take my poor Noctis down and start chewing on him. Luckily, I caught him right away and nothing appeared wrong. Till I looked at his tag...

These pictures don't really show the extent of the damage, if you can call it that. But the tag does have some doggie bite marks in it. I've circled them and they're pretty obvious if you saw them in person.

I was also wondering, since there is now some damage, is he worth less than what he would be MWT? I'm assuming he would be. It's still attached and not bent. Would he be worth the amount of a mint plush with no tag, so should I just remove it? I have no idea. I'm not too broken up about it, more curious about his condition.

And here's the culprit.

"He was tasty!"
Buggy eyed Bently pug is buggy eyed.

Thanks for the help!
Tags: canvas, plush, umbreon
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