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A Wants Post! :O

sup guys! A quick little update from my moving question -- I have decided that I will not sell my collection since I'm way too attached to my things ;o; How I will transport all my stuff is up in the air, but I'll figure out something... ANYWAY. The point of this... a wants post!

I haven't done one of these in a long time, and my brother cardwhale recently did one which made me want to do one since he was able to find a few things through making one. WE SHALL SEE IF I GET THE SAME LUCK. 8D

Christmas Oversize Pokedoll

Halloween Plush

Those two above are extremely rare/elusive plush, and I've been going craaaazy trying to locate them. IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THESE, I AM WILLING TO PAY REALLY REALLY WELL FOR THEM. D':

Piplup puppet! I saw this in San Francisco a while ago, and stupid me didn't get it. Now I can't find it anywhere D:

I recently came across this picture. Does anyone know any information about it? I thought it was the puppet above, but I realized it's slightly different since the mouth is closed. DO WANT.

THIS BOOK. AHHH. Seriously need this book. I'm so close to completing my Pokemon Tales collection D:

This book is even harder to find than the Mewtwo one. D: If anyone sees this book for sale, please let me know!

Also, I also saw two different Piplup plushes I haven't seen before. There were pictures, but when I went back to save them, they were all gone. If anyone has any pictures of the following or any information about them, I'd be immensely grateful:

1) This plush seemed fairly small and seemed like a wind-up toy of some kind. There were white wheels on the bottom of it.
2) This plush was flat and I believe that it was a pouch. It had really really big eyes and it was in the picture with Pachirisu in the same style.

Here is a link to the rest of my wants: CLICK ME FOR WANTS

I am actually really close to finishing up my collection. I think I have every Piplup plush released minus the ones on my wants list. A lot of the things on my wants list can be found on various Japanese auction sites, but I am keeping them as a last resort and trying to see if anyone else has them, since it is painful to pay tons of fees on something like a small pouch.

I do have a new Piplup item along the way, and when I get it, I will definitely make a post!

Thanks everyone! <3
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