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I got my secret Valentine today eeeeeeeee :D

I got a notification there was a package waiting for me at the apartment office. Expecting some art supplies I ordered, I thought nothing of it, and was really surprised to see a huge box waiting for me instead! :O

I had a feeling I knew what it was based on the doodle on the outside of the box (forgot to take a picture of that, sorry), but didn't want to get my hopes up too much, until... yes! It was as I suspected!
A big special Arcanine plush just for me ;___; <3

I recognized him instantly! I had just favorited the original photos on Deviantart a few days before, I had no idea my secret Valentine commissioned it for me :D OH MAN! And what's even crazier is, tsuiling was my secret Valentine and I theirs! This was created by the awesome mousealchemist! :D Sorry for the confusion earlier, I was excited and not paying attention! xD

I love big plush, and Arcanines, and cute pawsies, so I am just dying here. xD Dying in a good way, trust me!

Forever sleepy~ He is lazy just like me :D

All of my customs together!

My two most recent customs, both of which arrived this month :D What a great month for my collection!

If you're wondering just how big he is, he's THIS BIG. :D The perfect size for cuddles and lounging around in my lap while I watch TV. I've named my Arcanine "Valentino", because of a suggestion from my husband. :D

The card that came with it plus cards of things I collect! Yeeee! Thank you SO much, Tsui and MouseAlchemist! I really wasn't expecting something this epic ;_; I would have been happy with bead sprites xD <3 This pretty much made my week.
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