toedychan (toedychan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

still wanting dat snivy

Still looking for a MWT Snivy beanie baby plush for my friend's birthday! I'm hoping to buy from a comm member since I have a special request: I'd like a note included in the package, which I would type up myself and the sender can either print it out or hand write it out on paper. Whichever's convenient! I'd just like to send her a birthday wish and also let her know the purpose of the package. XD I'm also considering asking for my address to be put as the return address (just in case it upsets her parents, IDK and I can't ask because, well, surprise gift XD) but I don't know if that's bad to do >_>?

Anyway, I'm really hoping for $20 shipped max (to Canada), preferably less, but I don't really know the value of these plush so yeah. Let me know! I can pay probably mid-tomorrow when my Paypal transfer clears. ♥ And the sooner it can be shipped the better, since this is already going to be super late (her birthday is the 16th orz).

- Got one! Thank you mellow_candy!

I've got a special post for you guys tomorrow so keep an eye out for that if you like photostories and Politoeds. :3
Tags: snivy, wanted
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