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Sales Post

Sales Post. o(o)o 

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched  on 13 FEB. 2012</lj>

My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/p3nguina/


- All Pkmncollectors rules apply

- I only accept PAYPAL. If a male name appears don’t be discouraged it’s my father’s name, I’m too lazy to start a new account (◡≦)

- I ship from the United States and will ship internationally (please allow longer time for international shipping)

-Buyer is responsible for shipping and Paypal fees. This is not included in the listed price unless it says "shipping included".

- Payment is expected within 24 hours. If you do not pay, negative feedback will be left.

- If my prices seem unreasonable, feel free to haggle! But don't be upset if I decline.

-Trades are accepted just ask.

- I will only hold items for 48 hours.

- I am not responsible for items being lost in the mail once they leave my hands.

- I would be happy to have the package insured and/or tracked. Just ask and I’ll add it to the total.

- I reserve the right to refuse a sale for any reason.

- All items come from a no pet home.

Feel free to correct any of my mistakes!!

Toy Factory Shaymin (Land Form) plush- $10

Promo Pikachu plush cushion (1x) -$30
Promo Pikachu plush (4x) -$16.00

Neo Promo cards (7x) -$11
Vending sheets (10x) -$3.50 each

Poseable Tomy figure -$10 each
Entei (2x) Lugia (3x) Ho-oh (3x)

Poseable Tomy figures -$10
Zekrom (5x) Reshiram (5x)

Azurill Figure (1x) -$5
Swinub Figure (1x) -$5

Pokemon mini figures -$2.50 each
Combee (4x) Gastrodon (4x) Azelf (4x) Palkia (4x) Drifblim (4x) Regigigas (4x) Happiny (4x) Gliscor (4x) Magnezone (4x) Rampardos (4x)

Zukan -$5 each
Reshiram (2x) Zekrom (2x) Patrat line (2x) Munna line (2x)

Bottle Caps -$3.50 each
Victini (2x) Emboar (1x) Samurott (1x) Serperior (1x)

Bootie Plushies
Leafeon -$8
Dragonite -$4
Chikorita -$3
Chingling -$3
Plusle & Minun -$2 each

Mini messenger bag -$15
Features Zoroark and the three legendary dogs

Pikachu Clock -$8
Pachirisu Tatoo -$2.50
Meowth -$2
Croagunk,Cranidos,Glameow -$2 each

Pachirisu & Shieldon Pencils -$2 each

Jakks Plushies: $9.00 each
Munna (2x) Togekiss (1x) Pidove (1x) Celebi (1x)

Chansey 3/102 1st. edition -$64.00 (Shadowless)
Clefairy 5/102 1st. edition -$64.00 (Shadowless)
Charizard DP45 Promo -$7.00
Emboar BW21 Promo -$2.50 (2x)

Zorua and Celebi large promo card -$25.00

Thanks for viewing ^-^

Tags: azurill, cards, chansey, charizard, clefairy, emboar, sales, serperior
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