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My 1st ever post, wants and my collection so far!

Hey everyone! :)

I have been a huge fan of Pokemon since the very beginning and was collecting everything back in the day ... Unfortunately my mum told me to get rid of all my Pokemon things as I was getting too old for them. Why did I listen to her?!?!?
Anyway I saved a few things from back then and have decided to start collecting again. Ideally i'd like to stick with collecting plush only but chances in ill get sucked into collecting allsorts

I came across this site while googling randomly and decided to join up, good chance to get a good collection going and befriend a few people who have the same love for pokemon that I do <3
After only using the site yesterday for the 1st time I have already managed to buy a Growlithe Canvas plush and a Zorua Pokedoll ... so I am eagerly waiting for them to arrive (Can't wait to have my first ever Canvas and PokeDoll!)

However not looking forward to seeing my bank balance >.< aww well what can I say, its my 21st birthday in 2 weeks so think I deserve a little treat :)

Here is a photo of my collection so far :)

Wants :
.Zoroark Pokedoll (hopefully get her by the end of the month - please message me if you are selling one!)
.Mr Mime, Persian, Cubone or Marowak Plush  (custom, tagged untagged I don't care im just desperate for these)
Tags: collection, introductions, plush, wanted
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