Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pre-Valentines Day Auctions and Sales :3

All Auctions end February 16th 2012 at 7:30 pm PST
*All Community Rules Apply ( Bids 5 minutes before ending add another 5 minutes to the auction end )
*Payment will be required within 3 days of purchase
*I will leave negative feedback if you buy and don't pay.
* Please bid in increments of 1.00
*Here is my feedback C: -
*Regular Sales -
~Sales Permission Received from lineaalba August 31st 2010~

Banpresto Glaceon and Probopass 
Start at 15.00 each
(Both have tags)

2005 Velboa Pokedolls
Start at 10.00 each
(Butt Tags only)

Bandai 2003 Jirachi and Velboa Latios
Start at 8.00 each
(Only Jirachi has a butt tag)

Some kind of glue stain or something above latios's left wing and small brown spots on neck.

Big Hasbro Mudkip and Treecko - 6.00
(I can't stop petting mudkips tail :L)
Plusle and Minun Hasbro - 6.00 each or both for 10.00

Hasbro Plush - 4.00 each
Gone:Torkoal,Torchic,Spoink,Corphish,Lotad,Azumarill,Treecko,and Mudkip

Jakks Plush - 3.00 each
Play by Play Eevee - 3.00
Reversible Elekid - 3.00
Gone:Pachirisu and Buizel

Tagless Hasbro plush - 2.00
BK Gyarados plush - 2.00
Claw Machine Pikachu - 2.00
Mini Poliwhirl and Clefairy - 2.00 each
Pikachu Hasbro w/tags - 2.00
Tagless Chickorita and Mantyke
Gone:Duskell and Sableye

Tagless Manaphy Jakks (Stained on arm and next to eye) - 1.00
Hasbro Pikachu ( Stained on head) - 1.00
BK Mantyke plush - 1.00

Snivy Tin Figure - 2.50
Samurott,Servine,Emboar Tin Figure - 3.50
Zekrom Box Figure - 4.50

151 Stampers - I'm unsure how well they stamp since I never used the Flareon one I have.
A lot of these are poorly cut,this is the way I bought them.I don't know if it was the manufacturer or who ever owned them.

50 cents each
(If you can't see zubat has no teeth fff)

1.00 each

2.00 each
Gone: Ditto and Mewtwo

3.00 each

4.00 each

Tags: abra, aerodactyl, aipom, arbok, arcanine, articuno, auction, azumarill, banpresto, beedrill, bellsprout, blastoise, bonsly, budew, buizel, bulbasaur, buneary, caterpie, chansey, charmeleon, chikorita, chimchar, clefable, clefairy, cloyster, corphish, deoxys, dewgong, diglett, ditto, dodrio, doduo, dragonair, dragonite, dratini, drowzee, dugtrio, duskull, eevee, ekans, electabuzz, electrode, elekid, emboar, exeggcute, exeggutor, farfetch'd, fearow, flareon, gengar, geodude, glaceon, gloom, golbat, goldeen, golduck, golem, graveler, grimer, growlithe, gyarados, haunter, hitmonchan, hitmonlee, horsea, hypno, ivysaur, jakks, jigglypuff, jirachi, jolteon, jynx, kabuto, kabutops, kadabra, kakuna, kangaskhan, kingler, koffing, krabby, lapras, latios, lickitung, lotad, lucario, machamp, machoke, machop, magikarp, magnemite, magneton, manaphy, mankey, mantyke, marill, meowth, metapod, mewtwo, mime jr., minun, moltres, mr. mime, mudkip, muk, munchlax, nidoking, nidoqueen, nidoran, nidorina, nidorino, ninetales, oddish, omanyte, omastar, onix, pachirisu, paras, parasect, pidgeot, pidgeotto, pidgey, pikachu, pinsir, plush, plusle, pokedolls, poliwag, poliwhirl, poliwrath, ponyta, porygon, primeape, probopass, psyduck, rapidash, raticate, rattata, rhydon, rhyhorn, sableye, sales, samurott, sandshrew, sandslash, scyther, seadra, seaking, seel, serperior, shellder, slowbro, slowpoke, snivy, snorlax, spearow, spoink, squirtle, starmie, staryu, sudowoodo, tangela, tauros, tentacool, tentacruel, torchic, torkoal, treecko, vaporeon, venomoth, venonat, venusaur, victreebel, vileplume, voltorb, vulpix, wartortle, weedle, weepinbell, weezing, wobbuffet, zapdos, zekrom, zubat
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