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Duckie love pic + more!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope you all have a good one. <3

I've just got a cute short photo story today. I would do it later in the week, but the occasion is just right. I also think I may be posting too frequently, but after this, I'll take at least a week break from posting. This post is actually not just about the Ducklett love pic, as there's also another two of my plushies who found love! =3

Dawwwwww...I took and edited this pic with my 3DS (which is why it looks fuzzy, since the 3DS camera isn't exactly the best). It's the American and Japanese releases of the Ducklett Pokedolls. The Japanese one sure has been fond of the American one and vice versa. So cute. =P

But wait a sec, who are the other two that recently found love as well?

Why it's the 1:1 Mew and the DX Banpresto Mew! I've nicknamed them both, hehe. The big one is Talky, while the smaller one I just call Pink'r (cause I keep calling her the "pinker" Mew XD).

Pink'r is very obvious about her affection for Talky, while he is more quiet about it. Despite being a working talking plush, he barely speaks! But that's because I leave him off almost all the time, lol. So cute. <3

Oh! Looks like Pink'r gave Talky something.

An eye mask! Oooh, it's an Usavich one too, hehe.

And it seems that eye mask can reflect Talky's emotions, as he doesn't like getting mocked by my Chikorita plush here. Don't tease someone bigger than you Chiko! You'll face the consequences! (Also, I guess this counts as another Chikorita Laughs at Things pic XD)

And that's it! Thanks for looking and once again, Happy Valentine's Day! <3
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